We’ve invested millions of dollars in building an advanced infrastructure that delivers broadband services to smaller cities and towns. Our services include Digital TV, HDTV, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Telephone. Because our advanced digital network provides services over one platform, SCI customers enjoy the convenience of dealing with one cable, Internet, and telephone provider. SCI also delivers advanced communications solutions to small, medium, and enterprise businesses.

Because we’re locally owned and operated, our customers enjoy fast service and technical support, plus customized packages that best meet their needs. We’re proud to serve the rural communities of greater Minnesota.

Company History

Established in 1984, Savage Communications Inc. (SCI) initially provided cable television to a handful of rural Minnesota communities. By the late ’90s, the company had expanded to 35 communities in Minnesota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin.

As 2000 approached, SCI began investing millions of dollars into upgrading its network and was soon able to provide high-speed Internet, digital TV, and digital telephone services to the rural communities it served. SCI continues to invest in the latest technology so its customers can enjoy high-quality services close to home.

Our Mission

From humble beginnings as a rural cable operator to becoming a competitive independent communications and multimedia provider, SCI and its employees have never lost sight of their mission:

To provide television, high-speed Internet, and digital telephone services at competitive rates and back them up with superior 24/7 customer service.